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Best Second Mortgages

For many homeowners, second mortgages have provided quick cash solutions for home improvements and bill consolidation. If you have an equity loan, we recommend comparing your second mortgage rate with the current 2nd loan programs that are available with your credentials.

The Second Mortgage Banker extends secure loans for cash in hand or for consolidating consumer debts like credit cards, auto loans, student loans and variable rate credit lines. With this 2nd loan added against your home’s liens, the second mortgage increases the risk factor for loan defaults, so most lender charge a higher interest rate and increased closing costs to protect against potential losses. The 2nd mortgage loan has less a priority to some borrowers compared to the first mortgage which if not paid results in foreclosure. Foreclosures are possible with second mortgages as well; however they are far less frequent when the homeowner has been making their 1st mortgage payments on time. Compare rates for second mortgage loans and cash out refinancing

Second mortgages are useful to many homeowners because they offer a quick cash outlet and tax deduction advantages simultaneously. Borrowers can save money by eliminating extra interest charges when the consolidate debts with 2nd mortgages. Debt consolidation is now the number one reason homeowners take out a second mortgage against their home. Financing home construction or repairs is the 2nd most popular use for second mortgage funds.

  • Fixed Rate 2nds
  • Home Equity Lines
  • Interest Deductibility
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Interest Savings
  • Cash Loans
  • Bill Consolidation
  • Cash for Investment Home
  • Debt Consolidation loans



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